Case Study: InsureWell

The challenge: Simplify a homepage to focus on getting a quote for life insurance, and disability insurance, while juxtaposing multiple brands.

InsureWell needed a homepage that simplified the booking process primarily for life insurance. I suggested a retail format since they had additional products to offer in the insurance booking arena that had to be highlighted. Additionally, InsureWell needed a product page for Life Insurance that stemmed from the design of the homepage, but focused on Life Insurance.


The closest competitor uses a simple format and drags the user through a lengthy process to get a quote for their insurance needs. Negating the fact that typical users don’t want to spend time providing too much personal information when all they want is to compare prices. Competitor homepages typical don’t provide a simple retail environment showcasing their most important products to the customer.

Based on extensive research, and requirements, I developed wireframes which helped to more clearly define the functionality and various use-cases of the homepage and product page.

The first round of wireframes are never the last. After more feedback is provided, the wireframes get a touch-up before production.

"As a designer, I thrive on client feedback. Design is such a constant flow of ideas from all the parties involved, that communication must also remain open and constant in order for it to be successful."

High-fidelity Design

At last, the design comes into fruition which match the wireframes very closely. All the elements are in place, including place-holder content to have an even more realistic view.

Final Results

After additional feedback is provided on both concepts, final versions are created with all the correct attributes.

The color schemes are now correct for both, the client's homepage, and product page. Minor changes were made overall, however, one of the biggest improvements from the first hi-fidelity pass was the secondary retail space on the homepage showcasing all three products offered. Brand reinforcement was a priority as well, which had to be carried over both concepts.This whole process took about 30 hours from start to finish, and the client couldn't be happier.