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Indyme website, UX Design, Project Management, Wireframes & Prototypes

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About the Project

We are a group of highly creative and passionate individuals who are driven to give our retail partners a competitive edge. For over 30 years, Indyme has generated measurable results for many of the world’s leading brands. By partnering with leaders in store operations, loss preventions and merchandising, we create solutions to their real world problems.

With over 150 man-years of retail experience, our team has a deep understanding of retails’ dynamic challenges and opportunities. Every day, we translate this knowledge into constant product innovation.

Initial Stages

Worked on gathering information from the client and creating some wireframes to show the structure of the new site.

"As a designer, I thrive on client feedback. Design is such a constant flow of ideas from all the parties involved, that communication must also remain open and constant in order for it to be successful."

Final Results

This was the final result of all the research and development.