A live streaming, social platform bringing a breath of fresh air with new, unseen features in the live streaming community. Offering ease of use, quick tipping, fully mobile compatible, fast, and friendly. Livestream was created to fit a gap, bringing two types of communities together, the social aspect of the Livestream community, and the interaction as users stream live, always keeping in mind to support the streamers via tipping with tokens.

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About the Project

Livestream was created to fit a niche market of live streamers that want to experience a new level of streaming that includes a different way to allow their audiences to be more interactive, enticing a longer-lasting user-base. It offers new, quicker ways to tip the streamer, buy tokens, great dashboard features for the streamers, more engagement opportunities with live games and more.

My Role

My role on the project was to design the website itself, the interface elements, research the needs for streamers, address current issue for both mobile and desktop, set brand and design standards, create prototypes for the developers, write most of the front-end code. I worked diligently to maintain a consistent design pattern, created custom, global layout components to make the site very versatile and easy to manage from the front-end.

Initial Stages

The project was initially going to be a 1 year project.

"As a designer, I thrive on client feedback. Design is such a constant flow of ideas from all the parties involved, that communication must also remain open and constant in order for it to be successful."

Final Results

Working visual interactions

Homepage & Signup

This is the homepage and easy to use login / sign up flow. The user can find live streamers, or get immediately sign up, and request important information from the user to get access to tokens. Tokens are one of the most important aspects of the site as they are used to purchase badges, emoji packs, and most importantly, tip.

Stream page

This where the streamer gets to show their video live with the chatroom for the users to interact, view more streamer information, and tip the streamer.

Purchase Tokens

Users can use the Purchase Tokens flow, which was one of the components of the site that took the longest to design, to buy more tokens which is the current of Livestream. Like most components in the site, I designed it to work for both mobile and desktop seamlessly so the user never gets to have a different experience on whichever format they're using. Essentially this is the flow that defined a lot of components on the site as well from a design standpoint. Following modular look.


Another important aspect of the site is the ease of tipping. This is the simple flow I created to allow users to tip quickly, efficiently, and providing some presets for nominal tips and most frequent tips as well.

Edit Profile

The edit profile page offers many options for the user to edit their information, it's super interactive, easy to use, and provides a consistent design flow seen across the entire site with collapsed and expanded components of editable information.


The billing section follows the same design aspect with the collapsible menus with editable information. Something important that I followed through in the site to make sure it stayed consistent as well. Not only from a development standpoint, but for the user to not have to struggle to know what they have to do when they encounter a new page that's asking them to edit information.

Mobile Ready