OpenTee Case Study

OpenTee’s tee time booking process was already an industry-first. With fast and easy tee time booking it’s rapidly changing the way golfers book tee times within seconds. Six months after launch, OpenTee was ready for a redesign that better aligned with the target audience, and greatly improved the way they booked tee times at their favorite golf courses around the nation.

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About the Project

OpenTee had already greatly simplified the booking process of a tee time compared to the closest competitors. The analytics proved that users were spending about 30 to 45 seconds to book a tee time with OpenTee's booking system compared to the lengthy process of about 4-5 minutes with the closest competitor. There was a clear disconnect however with the homepage search element, and funneling the user through the results and finding tee times that met their busy schedules.

While the site offered an extensive array of filtering and sorting features, it created confusion that had to be resolved quickly and as clean as possible to offer the best user experience a golfer can have compared to any other tee time booking portal available.

Project Components

OpenTee Icon

The icon for the iOS and android application had to carry over the colors, the brand, and remain consistent cross platform.

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OpenTee Portal

Offered in both desktop and responsive experiences. Get a birds eye view of beautiful golf course results, and make the tea time booking process easy and fast.

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OpenTee iOS iPhone app

Along with the creation of the desktop and responsive Portal, I designed a fully functioning iOS and Android app.

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OpenTee iPad app

Additionally I designed an even more visual, and more fun experience for the iPad with the iPad OS app.

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OpenTee Business Card

We also needed some minor print work done for the company. I designed these business cards with other print work as well.

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