My mission is to bring your ideas to life.

I offer great Creative Direction, design awesome User Experiences, and prototype them with my Front-end development skills

I design user experiences and interfaces for mobile and web applications. I love building digital businesses, providing creative direction to lay great foundations for brands, working with great designers, developers, pushing pixels, getting user feedback, and making things better. Do you want to build something great together?

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I'm a creative leader with over 13 years of design experience. I have an exceptional ability to enrich companies through effective creative direction, brand management and innovative ideas. I've had considerable involvement in developing company identities, managing and supporting on & offshore development teams to create compelling online user experiences, with a technical and creative eye for wire-framing & prototyping, typography, layout, print, color, and branding.

I have excellent XHTML and CSS Front-end web development skills, with more than 12 years of experience hand coding cross-browser compatible websites. I love Bootstrap and I'm always eager to build beautiful projects and experiences that communicate with your target audience.

If you're excited as I am about working together, and you're ready to take the next step with your project, reach out to me and together we'll create something memorable for your target audience.

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I'm located in central San Diego.

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Great UX is about more than just looking nice - it is about feeling right and making the user an integral part of an experience. Too much going on and it distracts the user - too little, they struggle to figure out how to use it; there is a certain balance to it all. This is something I truly understand and implement into everything I design.

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