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Lenovo UX Design, B2B Distributor Dashboard Application

Lenovo – IDG CBSO Distributor Dashboard

This is the dashboard I created for Livestream. A full-featured dashboard compatible with screens down to a phone, allowing the streamer to see all the settings, make topic changes, view live users, and more at their fingertips.

Livestream Dashboard

A live streaming, social platform bringing a breath of fresh air with new, unseen features in the live streaming community. Offering ease of use, quick tipping, fully mobile compatible, fast, and friendly. Livestream was created to fit a gap, bringing two types of communities together, the social aspect of the Livestream community, and the interaction […]


Designed this iOS app during my time with OpenTee, an online tee time booking website.

OpenTee iPhone iOS app

OpenTee app designed for the iPad

OpenTee iPad iOS app


OpenTee Portal 2015 Redesign


OpenTee Booking Widget


OpenTee iPad iOS app Design


OpenTee iOS iPhone app