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This is the dashboard I created for Livestream. A full-featured dashboard compatible with screens down to a phone, allowing the streamer to see all the settings, make topic changes, view live users, and more at their fingertips.
Livestream Dashboard
A live streaming, social platform bringing a breath of fresh air with new, unseen features in the live streaming community. Offering ease of use, quick tipping, fully mobile compatible, fast, and friendly. Livestream was created to fit a gap, bringing two types of communities together, the social aspect of the Livestream community, and the interaction […]
The challenge: Deliver a powerful message through a visual, product-based approach, leaving behind excess information, and apply a more interactive feel.
Brain Corp Website Design
Indyme website, UX Design, Project Management, Wireframes & Prototypes
Indyme Website
OpenTee’s tee time booking process was already an industry-first. With fast and easy tee time booking it’s rapidly changing the way golfers book tee times within seconds. Six months after launch, OpenTee was ready for a redesign that better aligned with the target audience, and greatly improved the way they booked tee times at their […]
OpenTee Portal UX Design
Created front-end development experience for the DCUO portal.
DCUO Website
EcoFox Cleaning Services needed an updated look and removal of slide images.
EcoFox Cleaning Website
The challenge: Simplify a homepage to focus on getting a quote for life insurance, and disability insurance, while juxtaposing multiple brands.
This website was created for a new brand of supplements developed by OxyLife, called OneRepMax.
OneRepMax Performance Site
OpenTee Portal 2015 Redesign
Visit Orlando Golf
Scott Sternberg Productions Site